Acute to Obtuse? Changing my angle…

2 02 2011

In recent months, I’ve been away from the blogosphere breaking in my new job in Vancouver at Global Village. During that time, I was also working in a travel store, where it was suggested numerous times to me that I write up my travel tips and experiences online somewhere. Talking with my Dad, I realized that my current audience here at Reach Forward probably has quite a bit of cross-over interest in travel, travel tips and travel gear. There are many blogs out there dedicated to travel, or to gear reviews, or to international development issues, but very few (if any?) have any overlap between these categories…

One of my personal favourite travel gear blogs to date is so if I can come across as even half as knowledgeable as those three pros, that would be awesome.


For my first post, I’d like to cover both of my two new topics (Travel Tips and Travel Gear Reviews) as a sort of combo inauguration of the new direction my site will be taking. Think of it as a taster…


Gear Review: Light My Fire Travel Spork

I’ve seen sporks (spoon-fork) before and had always sort of scorned them as a camping-only tool, and since I don’t camp enough to own any serious camping gear, I’d never bothered to pick one up.

This handy little tool comes in a wide variety of bright colours, (19 total, I have a red one and a green one myself) as well as smaller sizes for children. It’s a spoon on one end and a fork on the other, with a serated but not particularly sharp edge on one side of the fork end.

I have taken my sporks on a couple of trips now, and have actually found them quite useful for taking lunch to the office as well. The knife edge is sharp enough to cut cooked chicken, but probably not steak. (Not sure if they would take it away from you at airport security, however, when in doubt, pack it.)

I’ve thrown mine in the dishwasher although when packed for lunch it was remarkably easy to rinse off in the sink. I tried stirring my tea with it and the plastic seems to hold up to the company claims of being heat resistant. Also BPA free, and Teflon-friendly – won’t scratch your cookware!

My favourite selling point of these particular sporks, was when someone showed me this youtube video of a guy running over one with a forklift. They are remarkably durable, and I reckon one could easily survive a year long trip.

Get yours here: or if you’re a Canadian like me, visit your local SportChek or Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Topps Travel tip #1

This one’s for all you budget backpackers out there…

Next time you take a trip where you plan to cook for yourself, stop by McDonalds or another similar fast food chain first and pick up some of the free salt/pepper packets from their condiment stand.

Next, hit up a local kitchen wares store and find a lemon zester or garlic grater. They cost about a dollar, and are fantastic, tiny and light – you can use them to grate fresh ginger, or lemon into your food for some extra flavour OR use it to make that block of cheese go further in pasta or egg dishes.

Salt, pepper and grated cheese all make almost every cheap travel dish taste better (rice, pasta, egg, biscuits, sandwiches etc.)!




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