Tough Mudder Whistler 2012 – Completed!

25 06 2012
Tough Mudder is a challenge,
not a race.
And boy, what a challenge!

Over 12 miles (20km) of mud, mountains, ice, snow, and 22 major obstacles such as 14 foot walls and belly crawls under barbed wire and running through live electric wires…

Over 14,000 participants signed up to run the course in Whistler Olympic Park in June 2012. The first official Tough Mudder in Canada, and Canadians sure proved our famous cold-bravery by running, jumping, swimming and crawling through the freezing/frozen conditions of some of the obstacles!

More details coming soon – we are processing the pictures and waiting for the official ones to be posted.

We had a team of 12 brave Mudders wearing kilts! Check us out below!

And here’s me on one of the last obstacles.. stay focused!


I was SO proud to finish Tough Mudder 2012 in Whistler, BC.
-Sarah Topps



3 responses

25 06 2012
typing with tea

Talk about intense o.o

26 06 2012

goooo mudders!

26 06 2012

My sister is a Tough Mudder too, but the course was tough on her, broke her shoulder. Ouch!

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