November 4th: The True Size of Africa

4 11 2014

A friend of mine is working on a WatSan (water and Sanitation) project in Malawi. Her blog has some insightful pieces (like this one on the real size of Africa) which are reader friendly and are good for getting the brain thinking! Be sure to check it out. (Safe travels Megan!)

According 2 Megan

I have come to realize something this past week, something  I am a bit embarrassed to say I hadn’t known or put any thought to in the past. The continents and their size. And how this in turn affects my own perspective of the world.

When asked what the world looks like, how many of you thought of this? I sure do! See map below:


But what if this isn’t what the world actually looks like?

Have you ever thought of the world like this before?

upside down

The first time I saw the ‘upside down’ map, I was in New Zealand and thought it was just a gimmick sold in souvenir shops. Now as I am writing this blog post about the world and our perspectives, I don’t know about you, but I find it to be quite jarring. Because the more I think about it, the more I realize my initial worldview (picture 1) was…

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