Sarah Topps, MPH

Hello world!

Current Location: Calgary, Canada
Twitter handle: @ReachFWD

I have been lucky enough to travel to more than a few interesting places around the world, which sparked an interest in international work, and a deep desire to help change my world for the better. This combination led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in the  International Development Program at McGill University in Montreal, QC, Canada. In June 2014 I graduated with a Masters in Public Health at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. (For anyone interested in the rest of my story, please read: Topps, Sarah – Resume)

Currently, I am working on the Healthy Child Uganda project team at the University of Calgary. This amazing interdisciplinary and multitalented international team has been working in Uganda for over a decade training community health workers to educate local people about maternal and child health.

In 2014, I am also serving as a Pacific Regional Representative for the Canadian Water Network (CWN) Students and Young Professionals Committee (SYPC) 2014-2015 and on the Student Executive for the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research.

As a citizen of the world, I would like to better understand the global challenges facing us today – who it affects, how it affects them and what we can all do about it. So many individuals and ideas that I have encountered in my short career in international development/public health have inspired and changed me, the way I see the world and the solutions that present themselves to me. I am hoping that by writing this blog, someone else might be inspired in such a way, and that you, (yes, YOU!) too will be able to make changes to the world.

I am always looking for new opportunities of all sorts in the areas of public health, international development or water.

Here are some other websites, and blogs with which I am associated:

Communication4Health Blog – 2013 Moderator and Contributing Author

2009-2010 McGill International Student Network – Past Trips Coordinator for MISN

AIESEC McGill – Multiple roles held and successful participation in an internship in Morocco

McGill International Development Studies Students Association (IDSSA) – 2009-2010 Vice President Academic of IDSSA McGill

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8 04 2009
nicole your cousin

hey how are u really good blog u got goin on there

17 04 2009
The Land Tenure Debate « Reach Forward

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