Spreading SODIS

Hey Everyone,

This blog is primarily a space to update my thoughts and opinions on various issues in International Development, but as it serves as my professional link to the world, I would also like to take this page to explain the main project I will be working on and focusing on for the next year or two: Solar Disinfection, or SODIS.

I have written several papers on the topic of water disinfection for human consumption already, and I am currently working on writing my honours thesis on the topic of why SODIS is currently so underutilised as a means to eradicating deaths by preventable water-borne diseases.


Nov. 8th 2010

I have finished my honours thesis on SODIS and graduated from McGill in June!

Currently I am living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and plan to continue my studies at Simon Fraser University next September (2011). In the meantime, I am working to pay back some of my student loans, continuing to rewrite drafts of my thesis with my supervisor for (hopefully) eventual publication, and searching for interesting volunteer opportunities in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Whether you have suggestions for where to spend my volunteer hours, work or internship opportunities you think I might be interested in, comments or questions about the blog or my thesis – please feel free to contact me!

If you leave a comment below, I will receive it directly in my email and reply individually to you as soon as possible. (Please leave contact information if you wish me to send a reply! I can delete it off the website upon request, and it won’t show up on the site until I make it visible.)

Thanks for your support!
Sarah Topps

6 responses

13 05 2010

Dear Sarah,

Interested to know more.

My name is Lillian Khagai – Communications /Advocacy Officer the SODIS reference Centre East Africa. We are hosted by the Kenya Water for Health Organization (KWAHO). Check our website for more information.

12 06 2010
Elizabeth Gibson

Hi Sarah,
It was a pleasure to meet you at the book table at the Cathedral’s “garage sale”
yesterday. I found your website and was delighted to read about your interests.
Many years ago I worked as an office manager for the Harvard University Ford Foundation project in water resource development on the subcontinent. I have not followed the activities in many years: perhaps you may find a connection through the Ford Foundation. Different individuals I worked with who have charted different academic and professional pathways include; Peter Rogers, professor at Harvard University, former director of our project; PS Rao, research scientist in water resources from India with lots of experience in Shri Lanka; (he is retired but possibly located every year in North America; John Briscoe, World Bank, (I forget his title; he has done a lot of different projects with the World Bank; he was a graduate student in 1975 when I started working with him. He worked in Bangladesh; Brazil; Madagascar, to name a few. All of these people knew me well at that time; we had a very tightly knit group and had lots of fun together. They all know me as “Liz” Gibson. I have no idea how generous they would be in sharing information with you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

29 04 2011

I have worked on a SODIS project in BENIN west Africa in 2005.
I would like to help spreeding the method in a country in Africa where there are enough PET botles available.
I could go this summer from 1/2 June onwards.

Do you have any programs running during this period of time?

Hope to hear from you very soon,
Goedie De Smet

19 06 2012

I am happy to know you want to help, but I am not running any programs myself, sorry!

30 10 2011
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